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Frigair Exhibition 2022 Partners

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Interact Media Defined

Interact Media Defined (IMD), is one of South Africa’s leading multi-media magazine publishers, with a strong stable of well-established titles focused on building services, mining, construction, energy, civil engineering, water and more. The company also specialises in events organising and exhibitions, and owns the popular travelling Mining and Technical Exhibitions (MTE) brand, which has a fast-growing African footprint. IMD is your media connection locally, into Africa, and beyond!

Specialised Exhibitions

Specialised Exhibitions offers South Africa’s largest portfolio of exhibitions servicing business to business sectors of the Southern African economy. Backed by over 50 years of experience, Specialised Exhibitions is a member of the prestigious Montgomery Group and is recognised locally and internationally as an organiser of innovative, inspiring and highly effective exhibitions that meet the needs of the industries it serves.


New Media

New Media is the leading content marketing agency in SA not because we say so, but because our clients and their customers do. We specialise in understanding audiences and therefore believe editorial excellence will transcend the hype, the industry shifts and the channel frenzy.

Pinnacle Welding & Safety

Pinnacle Welding & Safety is a one- stop professional manufacturer and supplier for all welding and PPE products, we value your business through our product ranges, quality, prices and services. Headquartered in Johannesburg, we strive for business excellence throughout our distribution network in all SADC countries.


Promech Publishing (South Africa) has chosen to concentrate on the engineering, metals and architectural fields. Three monthlies, two alternate monthlies, and several annuals keep our publishing team on the go.


The Refrigeration & Airconditioning Manufacturers And Suppliers Association (RAMSA) supports local manufacturers in the HEVAC&R industry.


We are the largest Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning wholesaler in Southern Africa and are wholly owned by Beijer Ref AB, a Swedish based company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


The South African Air-conditioning Suppliers Association (SAASA) was formed to unite local air-conditioning suppliers around the common interest of matters affecting the industry. Members of this non-profit association account for about 80% of the market share and the body speaks on behalf of the entire industry.


The South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC) was formed to advance and protect the arts and sciences of refrigeration, air conditioning and the allied arts and sciences. The association has centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and KwaZulu-Natal, regularly hosting various training courses and technical meetings (amongst others) to advance the knowledge of the local HEVAC&R industry.


The South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors’ Association (SARACCA) is an association of South African HVAC&R contractors who have individually and jointly agreed to a set of governing standards whilst operating in free competition against each other. The common aim is to continually strive to improve the image and standards of the industry and the Association provides a forum for this purpose.


The idea of an association to create closer cooperation between all parties in the cold chain distribution of perishables in Southern Africa was given birth at a meeting on 8th February 1990. From this followed the founding of the Southern African Refrigerated Distribution Association (SARDA) on 5 June 1990. SARDA is structured on having equal participation of all sectors in the cold chain industry including suppliers of equipment and services used by those companies that form a link ie. fish processors, farmers, abattoirs, dairies, supermarkets, distributors, cold stores, municipal markets, food processors, caterers, restaurants etc.

Supermarket & Retailer

Supermarket & Retailer brings wholesalers, retailers and suppliers the latest industry news, store trends, merchandising, promo ideas and operating efficiencies in our monthly printed publication, our Equipment & Services Buyers Guide and our website.

Media Partner

Engineering News

South Africa’s premier source of weekly real economy news on projects, products, policies, personalities & technoeconomic progress, covering a wide range of industries – from agropro-cessing to information technology – mainly in South & Southern Africa.